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Grand Rapids, MI 49503
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597 Ada Dr SE
Ada, MI 49301
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East Paris
1200 E Paris Ave SE
Grand Rapids MI, 49546
(616) 855-7467

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Feature Items

  • 45NRTH Japanther MTN 2-Bolt Cycling Shoes
    $149.00 - $225.00

    Designed specifically for cool and wet conditions, 45NRTH's Japanther provides a high level of water resistance, moisture regulation, and comfort in a performance… [more]

  • Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Evolution Line Tire
    $112.00 - $174.03

    Schwalbe's Jumbo Jim knows that bigger is better. This is especially true if you want to ride in deep snow or loose sand. In these conditions, only large volume combined… [more]

  • 45NRTH Red Wing Limited Edition Wolvhammer

    45NRTH teamed up with Red Wing leather to create a limited edition boot with a heritage look. This boot retains all the technical features of the original Wolvhammer.… [more]

  • Salsa Mukluk Carbon SLX 1x11 - 2018

    Mukluk is Salsa's most versatile fat bike, designed and engineered to excel in the wide variety of conditions fat bikers face. Whether you’re methodically attempting a… [more]

  • 45NRTH Sturmfist 5

    For late fall and early spring riding conditions, Sturmfist 5 protects against cold, wind, and water — all the elements that can make or break an early-season training… [more]

  • Cannondale SuperX SE Force 1 - 2018

    The SuperX SE 1 is a modern cyclocross champion. This beauty boasts unmatched traction, massive mud clearance, and confidently stable “stick-any-line” handling in an… [more]

  • Salsa Warbird Carbon Apex 1 - 2018

    Salsa’s Warbird is designed to survive and thrive on anything from the often-hazardous B-roads that make up much of the Midwest gravel scene to the fire roads that climb… [more]

  • Cannondale Fat CAAD 3 - 2017

    If you're seeking a fat bike that feels a bit more "fit," Cannondale's Fat CAAD 3 is in perfect shape to help you have an awesome time. Cannondale’s System Integrated… [more]

  • Salsa Vaya Tiagra - 2018

    Whether you’re on a fast tour or just taking your time, the Salsa Vaya is an extremely versatile machine that’s at home on everything from picture perfect lanes to less… [more]

  • Salsa Mukluk Carbon GX Eagle - 2018

    Mukluk is Salsa's most versatile fat bike, designed and engineered to excel in the wide variety of conditions fat bikers face. Whether you’re methodically attempting a… [more]

  • 45NRTH Dunderbeist

    Let Dunderbeist loose on your local groomed single track and feel the aggressive tread claw through the snow with unrivaled propulsion and braking traction. Its 4.6-inch… [more]

  • 45NRTH Sturmfist 4

    For days when the mercury plunges below 15 degrees, Sturmfist 4 provides unmatched performance by combining superior fabrics and insulation technologies. Constructed… [more]

  • Sugoi ZeroPlus Gloves
    $27.50 - $55.00

    This ergonomic fit glove offers windproof thermal protection with lightweight construction for maximum control in cool conditions. • Fleece backed Lycra on back of hand… [more]

  • GT Grade Alloy Tiagra - 2016
    $952.00 - $1,190.00

    It doesn't just set the bar, GT's Grade Alloy Tiagra redefines entry-level two-wheeled adventure. Thanks to endurance-oriented geometry, all-day comfort and stability… [more]

  • Salsa Mukluk Carbon X1 - 2017

    If you've ever ditched a ride because your bike can't hack it, it's time to try a Salsa Mukluk Carbon. This highly versatile fatbike features 5-inch wide 45NRTH… [more]

  • 45NRTH Flowbeist

    Flowbeist was made to attack groomed single track with confidence. Designed for optimal use as a front tire, its wide 4.6-inch footprint floats well, rolls fast and is… [more]

  • 45NRTH Hüsker Dü
    $90.00 - $115.00

    Hardpacked groomed singletrack is the perfect surface for the fast and lightweight Hüsker Dü fatbike tire. Built around the perfect balance of low rolling resistance and… [more]

  • Salsa Cutthroat Apex 1 - 2018

    Salsa’s Cutthroat is all about speed and comfort — full carbon frame and fork, Class 5 Vibration Reduction System, and racing-inspired geometry make for a quick bike… [more]

  • Gift Card
    $10.00 - $1,000.00

    Finding the perfect gift can be tough. Which is exactly why we offer gift cards. They make great presents for relatives and friends, and are a fantastic way to thank… [more]


Seeing new cyclists fall in love with our bike community makes us happy. Watching kids learn how to ride mountain bike trails makes us smile. Hearing that someone won a bike race after they've been training hard makes us proud. Riding bikes makes us happy and seeing more people on bikes makes us even happier.

With three GRBC locations, we have the opportunity to see a lot of people excited about bikes and we love it! We take pride in having knowledgeable and passionate staff, experienced mechanics, and some of the best bicycle brands that we could get our hands on. We mean it when we say come ride with us!

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Gear up for Barry-Roubaix

The world's largest gravel race is turning ten this year! Race day is April 21, 2018.

Buy a gravel or cyclocross bike for the race at GRBC and we'll cover your entry fee!

Barry-Roubaix will test riders against rolling gravel roads, pavement, one mile of rough two track, rocks, sand, mud, and possibly snow and ice as you traverse the scenic roads of Barry County.

There are four race lengths to challenge riders of all abilities. The 22-mile  “Chiller” has approx. 1200 feet of elevation. The 36-mile Smith Optics “Thriller” climbs approx. 2200 feet. The 62-mile SRAM “Killer” you can expect approx. 3800 feet of elevation. The 100-mile “Psycho-Killer” you will enjoy over 6800 feet of elevation!



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