Group Rides

Friendly Gravel Ride

Chief Hazy Cloud Park | 6:30pm | Thursdays

hosted by Chris Bennett

the route

This is a 23 mile, relatively easy route without major climbs. The steep stuff is short. The vibe of things is friendly and no-drop, so we’re not trying to finish the ride in record time. Most of the time, this works out be about a 90 minute ride. We want to keep the group (more or less) riding together throughout the route. This means waiting and regrouping if necessary, or soft pedaling for a bit to let riders catch up after a climb.

the leader

Meet Chris Bennett. He originally started working out of the East Paris store (rip), so you might recognize him. His whole thing with putting this ride together was to make a  route that anyone could ride, and foster a vibe that encouraged people to ride gravel, try gravel, make friends, be friends, and on and on. There’s a lot of group rides out there that go fast and go for strava KOMs so if that’s your bag, they’re easy to find. This isn’t that kind of ride.