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The GURU Fit System™ is the only true fit system available today. It creates a precision-based approach to bike fit that features one consistent fit methodology (F.I.S.T. fit protocol) paired to the ultimate fit tool (DFU™) that is outfitted with software to deliver tailored results for cyclists of all types. In addition, the GURU Fit System™ is the only system that allows you to optimize your riding position on numerous stock bikes in their Virtual Warehouse™ (Bike Finder™ module) – and also provides the ultimate in performance optimization with real-time motion capture analysis and Virtual Ride™.

A virtual warehouse filled with different bikes you can test ride at the push of a button? We think that’s pretty neat.


See your name on this list? Stop in at our Fulton or Gaslight location to claim your prize!

Sue Devries, Byron Higgins, Mark Therrien, Chris Lowell, Troy Otte, Mark Webster, Amy Van Proyen, Brian Ward, Tyler Kuening, Jim Allen, Rick Devries, Stu Drake, Kathy Schut, Gus Hemingway, Brendon Slater, Kieth O’Brien, Mike Santoski, Dan Vanderveen, Petra Taggart, Heather Kubiak, Jeremy Pace, John Despres, Tim Gunnett, Burton Eilers, Jeffrey Bentum, Hayden Fox, Joshua McBryde, Kari Stuart, Troy Otte, David Beadle, Greg Neagas, John Sisson, Dave Taggart, Kelly Therrien, Ben Stuart, Ben Alter, Tim Schut, Steve Fox, Brad Van Horn.

Thanks so much for participating, everyone! We’ll see you all at the Barry Roubaix on March 28th!

We’ve gotten a few emails from parents requesting more information about our Strider’s and GRBC Devo Kid’s team meeting. This spring we are excited to have Danielle Musto’s help in building a kid’s team; to help grow good habits in the younger cycling community. Please e-mail Danielle at daniellemusto@yahoo.com to be put on the kid’s email list to receive kid’s team updates.

Our informational meeting has been postponed so that more parents can attend at the end of March. Thanks for your continued support!

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