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Suspension Service

A nice suspension fork or full suss frame is designed to keep your tires on the turf so you keep putting down power through that rock garden and maintain traction while cornering through rough terrain. Not to mention, a little squish can add a lot of comfort to your ride.

Modern suspension components are marvels of precision. They lose performance and accelerate wear when there’s grit in the system.

You can dramatically extend the life of your suspension system(s) by avoiding power washers and staying on top of the maintenance. A good rule of thumb for an active rider is to have the lowers or your fork serviced once a season. More frequently if you're really putting in the time on the trails. Or after a particularly long and dusty ride. Fresh wiper seals and a thorough cleaning will keep your stanchions pumping smoothly for years to come.

Experiencing something a little more extreme with your shocks or dropper posts? Not holding air? Leaking fluid? Bring it on in and we'll get you rolling through the woods again.

Not having to ship repair out and keeping parts in stock means we can get you your rig back real quick.

Suspension Service by a Certified Technician


Lead mechanic at our Fulton location, Dan, is a Certified Technician in Suspension Technology by the United Bicycle Institute (UBI). Additionally, he completed UBI’s FOX Master Tech Clinic and Advanced Mechanics course. Dan can work on Fox, RockShox, Manitou, and other suspension brands. GRBC is the second Cannondale dealer Dan has worked at and he is extremely familiar with their Lefty as well. Dan has cross applied his training and has rebuilt many mechanical and hydro dropper posts and remotes. Those skilled hands can make it work like new again.

Is our Fulton location out of your way? Any of our three locations can help you to determine your suspension needs. If necessary, we can transfer your bike/fork/etc. to Fulton and back again for you to pick it up.

NOTICE: By leaving your bicycle at one of the Grand Rapids Bicycle Co. (GRBC) locations, you authorize the repair work set forth to be done. Goods left over 90 days may be subject to storage fees. GRBC is not responsible for goods left over 180 days and those items may be disposed of or used for other purposes.