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Bike Fitting

We want you to be comfortable and confident on your bike. Whether you're looking for a new bicycle or to improve your current setup, a session with our fit specialists will identify the optimal riding position for you to help avoid injury and improve your overall comfort. Our GURU fit bike is equipped with a power meter to measure your output in several positions and find the one where you’re most efficient.

With your fit coordinates, we will adjust your new or current bike to match your specific biomechanical needs. Your fit is backed by our Six Month Fit Guarantee. If something isn’t feeling right, you can come back within the 6 months following your fit for a follow-up session free of charge.

Save $50 when you purchase a new bicycle and professional bike fit together. This is a great option to get a bike perfect for your riding position and style. We’ll recommend only bikes that match your fit coordinates and swap out the stock handlebars or stem for items of equal value to be sure you’re riding in the right position.

What to Bring

When coming in for a fit please be sure to bring along your riding clothing—shorts are preferred—and your cycling shoes or boots.


Fit Specialists

Our fitters have certifications from industry leading organizations, SlowTwitch (F.I.S.T protocol) and BikeFit. These organizations have been pushing the envelope to develop fitting methodology that takes a scientific approach and is biomechanically focused. Our fitters have been trained on advanced bike fitting technology and have experience fitting all types of riders.


Certified by Fit Institute Slowtwitch and BikeFit Systems, Heather has been working as a fitter at GRBC since 2017. Heather has a professional background in the emergency medical field. She came to us with a passion for cycling, people, and physiology. When a position as a bike fitter became available, she jumped at the chance to go through the training and become certified to help people feel great and perform their best.

“You don’t need to race bikes to benefit from a bike fit, you just need to like riding a bike!” —Heather 


GURU Fit Bike

To perform our fits, we use the Guru Dynamic Fitting Unit (DFU). This is a robotic bike that can adjust the rider’s position at the push of a button. The fitter can precisely adjust the saddle and handlebars while you ride to quickly find what works for you. Our Guru DFU allows for many other adjustments including quick changes of handlebars, saddle choices, crank length adjustments, and even incline to fit for hill climbs.

The Guru DFU even has an integrated power unit (watt meter) that allows testing power output in each possible riding position to find your most efficient position.

All the data is captured by the computer making it easy to compare and determine which position works best for you. When done, you'll have the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency.

Fat tire bikes push the whole drivetrain outboard to make room for the balloon tires. The wider stance (Q Factor) of the pedals introduce unique parameters to account for in your fit. Unlike many fit bikes, we have custom designed and manufactured crank spacers. These adapters allow us to match the wider Q factor of your fat bike to get you accurate coordinates and make the right adjustments to your big rig.


Fit Options


Road or Mountain
Flat Pedal Fit

Road or Mountain
Clip-in Fit

Triathlon or Custom Bike

Handlebar Height & PositionYesYesYes
Handlebar RecommendationYesYesYes
Aerobar Height & Position
Saddle Height & PositionYesYesYes
Saddle TrialsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cranks & Pedals:
Crank Length RecommendationYesYesYes
Cleat/Pedal InterfacingYesYes
Power & Motion:
Motion Tracking AnalysisYesYesYes
Fit Coordinates:
Fit Coordinate DocumentationEmail or PrintEmail or PrintEmail or Print
Six Month Fit GuaranteeYesYesYes
Approx. Session Duration
1 ½ Hours 2 Hours 3 Hours 

Enjoy more comfort and efficiency!