Sugoi R + R Knee High Compression Socks - Women's

Sugoi R + R Knee High Compression Socks - Women's
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Sugoi's R + R Knee High Compression Socks are no ordinary socks, they give you compression benefits that you feel while training, racing, and during recovery. Progressive support from your toes all the way up your calves and structured cushioning at the footbeds promote efficiency of movement as well as improved muscle stability, circulation, and recovery. You've got dense cushioning for your heels and toes and extra padding where your laces hit. The R + R Socks are right and left-specific, feature reverse toe box construction and use a Y heel to reduce slippage.

• Balanced graduated compression from 15mm Hg at arch band to 12mm Hg at top welt
• Anatomically correct left and right foot construction
• Engineered construction with strategic mesh paneling for improved breathability