Repair Workshop Series

Join us at our Fulton location Wednesday nights 6-8 PM for our six week series of repair workshops. We'll be starting with the basics and work our way through each of the major component systems. A little explanation, a little hands-on, sure to be a good time.

Free to attend for riders of all types and levels of understanding.


Due to a power outage on February 6th, we will be merging Weeks 1 & 2. So on February 13th, we will be covering both The Basics and Fix a Flat, Change a Tire. The following workshops will remain on schedule.

Week 1: Bike Basics

February 6th, 6-8 PM, Fulton

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NOTE: Since we were closed during the 6th, we'll be covering this material on Wednesday the 13th.

The first week our mechanics will go through the basics of what you need to go out on the road or trail safely.

“What you forgot to read in your bicycle owners manual.”

  • Tire pressure/inflation
  • Tighten all fasteners

    • Wheels
    • Handlebars
    • Saddle
    • Brake cables
  • Chain lube
  • Bike setup & basic fit

    • Saddle height & angle
    • Handlebar & brake lever setup
  • Intro to bike specific tools
  • What you need to know about the road

    • Where you can ride
    • When to have your lights on
    • When to wear a helmet (always!)
  • When to seek out a professional mechanic

Week 2: Fix a Flat, Change a Tire

February 13th, 6-8 PM, Fulton

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NOTE: Since we were closed during the 6th, we'll be covering the material from Week 1 today.

The second week our mechanics will go through everything you need to know to fix a flat at home or on the road. We will have wheels and tires on hand for you to practice your skills.

Fix a flat, change a tire!

  • Air pressure
  • Removing & installing wheels
  • Types of flats (pinch, puncture)
  • When is a tire worn out?
  • Putting together your flat repair kit
  • Choosing the right tire for your ride
  • Tubeless ready systems

Week 3: Brakes

February 20th, 6-8 PM, Fulton

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Week three is all about brakes. Working brakes are essential to bike safety.

  • Brake types & their benefits/drawbacks
    • V brakes
    • Cantilever ("Canti")
    • Caliper
    • Disk
      • Hydro
      • Cable
    • Short vs Long pull (Road vs MTN)
  • Adjustment
    • Pad alignment
    • Cable tension
    • Lever position & reach
  • Maintenance
    • Pad wear
    • Cable stretch & fraying
    • What your housing does
    • When your hydraulics need to be bled

Week 4: Drivetrain 1

February 27th, 6-8 PM, Fulton

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Week Four we will start to get into drivetrains. We’ll start with a overview and follow-up with shifting next week.

Drivetrain 1:

  • Types of drivetrains 
    • Singlespeed
    • Multispeed: Derailleur (1x, 2x, and 3x)
    • Multispeed: Internal gear hub & transmission drivetrains
  • Chains 
    • How to remount a dropped chain
    • Tensioning single speed chain
    • Checking for wear
    • When to replace your chain
    • Different types of chains (Number of speeds, coatings, materials, hollow pins, etc.)
    • Quicklinks & chain pins
    • Belt Drive
  • Cassettes & Freewheels
  • Cranks & Chainrings 
    • Bolt Circles
    • Direct Mount Chainrings

Week 5: Drivetrain 2: Shifting

March 6th, 6-8 PM, Fulton

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Week five we will continue learning about drivetrains by delving into the world of shifting and derailleurs.

Drivetrain 2: Shifting

  • Shifting for best performance
  • Cable tension & adjustment
  • Limit Screw & B-screw adjustment
  • Rear Derailleur alignment and the purpose of the derailleur hanger    
  • Front & Rear Derailleurs: 
    • 1x, 2x, and 3x systems
    • Proper gear range selection
  • Shifters: 
    • Brifters
    • Thumbies & Friction shifters
    • Trigger shifters
    • Gripshift
  • Indexing & compatibility: 
    • Matching up the numbers
    • Brand Specific systems
  • Small note: Internal Gear adjustment

Week 6: Bearings

March 13th, 6-8 PM, Fulton

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We will close out our series by talking about bearings.

Bearings are the heart of your bike–what keeps everything moving smoothly. We will have a variety of wheels, bottom brackets, and headsets around for a hands on experience of what a difference high quality, properly adjusted bearings can make for your bike.

  • Loose ball vs. sealed bearings
  • Benefits of various materials used in bearings
  • Bottom brackets, headsets, & hubs
  • Adjusting cups & cones
  • Removing & replacing sealed bearings
  • What makes your bearings go bad? 
  • Freehub types
  • Special tools for different interfaces