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Bike Repair & Service

We might be biased, but we think our mechanics here at Grand Rapids Bicycle Company are top notch! We got really lucky with all of our staff, and although we think it’s really important to have friendly, knowledgeable employees on both the sales floor and turning wrenches we think it’s incredibly important to have bike mechanics that you can trust will put the same care in to your bike that they’d put in to their own. Whether you’re a beginner, an avid cyclist, a racer, or someone who rides only a few times a year, we believe you deserve the very best. It’s important to have a smooth-rolling, well-tuned set of wheels! You’ll be much happier on a bike that works well and you’ll find that you’ll ride more often when it does what you ask it to do!

Our tune-up prices are reasonable and like we said, our mechanics are the best of the best! Check out the options below and let us know which tune-up you’d like for us to do. Not sure what your bike needs? Don’t worry, our mechanics are happy to take a look at your bike and will tell you honestly what they think it needs, or what they’d do if it were their own bike!

Single Speed Tune-up $40

Basic Tune-up $60
Better Tune-up (Drive train cleaning) $100
Complete Overhaul $195

If you bought your bike with us, your 30-day check-up is free. You’ll also receive Preferred Customer Pricing on all of our tune-ups for as long as you own the bike!

Preferred Basic Tune-up $45
Preferred Better Tune-up $75
Preferred Complete Overhaul $135


Basic Tune-Up

Better Tune-Up


$60 ($45 Preferred)$100 ($75 Preferred)$195 ($135 Preferred)
Adjust BrakesYesYesYes
Adjust Derailleurs*YesYesYes
True WheelsYesYesYes
Bike CleaningYesYesYes
Drive Train Cleaning -YesYes
Hub Adjustments -YesYes
Bottom Bracket Adjustments -YesYes
Headset Adjustments -YesYes
Regrease Hubs & Bottom Bracket - -Yes
New Cables & Housing - -Yes
Includes Handlebar Wrapping - -Yes

*Single-speed bikes without derailleurs save $20 off the Basic Tune-up price. No Preferred Pricing for Single-speed Tune-ups.

By leaving your bicycle at one of our locations, you authorize the  repair work set  forth to be done and agree that Grand  Rapids Bicycle Company (GRBC) is not responsible for goods left over 90  days and that items may be subject to a storage charge. GRBC is not  responsible for goods left over 180  days and those items may be disposed of or used for other purposes.



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