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About Grand Rapids Bicycle Co.

Grand Rapids Bicycle Co. is your local bike shop with three locations staffed by knowledgeable, friendly folks. Motivated by a love of cycling, we’re here to help you upgrade your whip, repair your trusty steed, or find your next bicycle. We want everyone to have a good time on two (or three) wheels.

We have a certified suspension wizard at our Fulton Location. That means we can get your suspension fork, rear shock, or dropper post rebuilt without having to ship it out. It also means we can perform regular help you keep on top of maintenance to keep things running smooth.

Schedule a session with our bike fit specialists to determine your optimal riding position. Using the GURU Fit System at our Ada location, we can precisely measure where you are most comfortable and most powerful.

Visiting Grand Rapids and need a bike to get around? Wondering if trail riding is for you? Wanna try a fat bike? Check out our rental offerings and rip around one of our sweet bikes for a few days.

We host many events and group rides throughout the year. Join us in the warmer months for our gravel, mountain, or road rides. We also host a Women, Trans, and Femme specific MTN bike ride. In the winter, we have a “spin class” at our Fulton location as well as a fat bike trail ride. We hookup with Surly, Salsa, and Cannondale when they come through town so you to test out the latest and greatest bike in their demo fleets.

GRBC sponsors several racing teams. We have our own, of course, and support team Apex, Remax, Founders, Farm Team, and Team Shift. Cycling technology has been pushed forward by the competitive spirit. We are proud to take part of that long history.

Grand Rapids Bicycle Company was founded in 2007. Since then, we have changed ownership, merged with Ada Bike Shop, and have occupied a handful of locations around the city. All of us are grateful for the support of our community and look forward to many, many more years of helping you all get active and enjoy the outdoors.

Thank you.

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