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Bike Fitting

What is Bike Fitting? Why should I get fitted?

In short, getting a bike fit will help you identify the optimal riding position for you. This process should focus on optimizing for comfort, efficiency, and biomechanical health. Also, the fitting process can help you identify the best possible bicycle for you to purchase, in terms of geometry.

Bike fitting today consists of two things, a bike fitting expert and a methodology of fitting. Bike fitting has come a long way in the past two decades. Certain organizations have been pushing the envelope to develop fitting methodology that is biomechanically focused and takes a scientific approach to finding the optimal riding position for every cyclist. Comparing this to fitting 20 years ago, bike shops and coaches generally had been using methods that had been around for many years with little to no data to back up their validity. By working with a highly trained and experienced fitter you will be able to make improvements to your current position, prevent or reduce injury, and identify the optimal bicycle for you to ride.

Our fitter has been trained by those organizations that have advanced bike fitting technology and protocol and with over 650 hours of experience fitting all types of riders. He has two fitting certifications by top of the line fitting organizations, SlowTwitch (F.I.S.T protocol) and BikeFit. Along with his extensive training, experience and background in kinesiology (B.A. Exercise Science - PLNU) he has proven that his skills are top of the line. “Together SlowTwitch and BikeFit offer the most comprehensive triathlon bike fit in the world.” - Paul Swift owner of BikeFit. He also has experience using other fit systems such as Retül and Serotta (SICI).


GURU Fit Bike Information

Utilizing the third generation Guru Dynamic Fitting Unit (DFU) our fitter is able to manipulate your riding position while you are riding the bike. Essentially, this is a robotic bike run by servo motors that can manipulate your riding position while you ride the bike. This creates a huge advantage over having you spend time test riding bikes. This really starts to make sense when it takes about 10-15 minutes to adjust different parts of a real bicycle and you are likely to forget how the bike felt in comparison to the first position you rode after the changes have been made. Another incredible feature of the DFU is the level of precision of movement this tool allows, down to the millimeter in any direction. The third generation Guru DFU allows for many other adjustments, including quick changes of handlebar set ups, saddle choices, crank length adjustments, and even incline, you’ll be able to feel what your new bike feels like on hills.

Our options include:




Price (without bike purchase at GRBC)


(No Tri Bikes)


(No Triathlon Bikes or Existing Bikes)

$225 Mountain/Fat Bikes (flat bar)

$250 Road/Cross/Gravel (drop bar)

$275 Triathlon Bikes

Price (with bike purchase at GRBC)

$100 Savings


(No Tri Bikes)


(No Triathlon Bikes or Existing Bikes)

$125 Mountain/Fat Bikes (flat bar)

$150 Road/Cross/Gravel (drop bar)

$175 Triathlon Bikes


20 mins

1-1.5 Hours

2-3 hours

Saddle Height and Position




Saddle Trials



Bar Height and Position




Bar Shape and Hood Shape Optimization


Bar Width Optimization



Cleat Installation



Cleat/Pedal Interfacing*


Crank Length Optimization


SpinScan Analysis


GURU Range of Right Analysis


(Available upon Request)

Fit For Life Commitment**



Optimal Bike(s) Recommendation (GRBC Brand)




Optimal Bike(s) Recommendation

(Non-GRBC Brand)



*Cleat/Pedal Interfacing is a process which helps align your feet with the rest of your body. With this process we can adjust for lateral, fore/aft, and rotational needs. Cleat/Pedal Interfacing can also address leg-length discrepancies and necessary cleat wedging solutions.  

**Fit for Life Commitment: After completing a fitting for a specific type of bike (i.e. Road vs Tri), we are committed to your comfort and performance in that position. This means that you have access to complimentary fit follow ups for life. A fit follow up can consist of extra time on the trainer on your bike with a fitter to new cleat/pedal recommendations or any positional changes needed to make the bike fit optimal.

***The “Sizing” may not result in the optimal bike for you, we can make a “good guess” but this process is not as personalized or as precise as our Basic and Standard level fittings.

To schedule a fit or to request more information please use the fields below:


“I’m a beginner cyclist, can I benefit from being fit?”

YES! Fitting can help set you up for success. You may not be looking to race but you are probably looking to feel comfortable and be efficient on your your new bike, getting a bike fit will make this possible. Especially as someone new to cycling you might have some reservations, let us walk with you through this process so that you are confident and comfortable on your new bike or on your existing bike! By working with a fitter you can be sure that the bike you end up buying will fit you and that you will greatly reduce the likelihood of causing injury to your body. You will feel great on your new bike from the very first ride.

“My toes go numb on most rides, can you fix this?”

This is a very common issue for most cyclists as our bodies are designed to move forward by walking, which involves a rotation of the foot, rather than how we move forward on a bike, by pushing downward. The Cleat/Pedal Interfacing process of the Standard Fit can address these issues and help alleviate the discomfort of your toes from going numb on your rides.

“What if I only fit expensive bikes?”

What is great about the current bike market and fitting is that you are not fit toward a price point, your position will correspond to a specific bicycle geometry. Bicycle manufacturers create bikes of a wide range of prices for each of their different geometries.

“I’m interested in custom bike geometry, is this a service you offer?”

Yes we currently work with Seven Cycles; a manufacturer that offers custom bike geometry builds in Titanium, Ti/Carbon Fiber, and Steel frames. Seven Cycles can customize the frame of your bike to be perfect for your fitting and beyond, any part of the bike that want you have customized, including paint, they can do it. Seven Cycles works with Road/Gravel/Cross/Mountain/Fat styles of bikes. (inquire about Triathlon)



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